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La investigación y la innovación

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Polyimide is a kind of heat resistant polymer materials, it’s a new generation of high performance polymer materials promoted by the cold war between United States and the Soviet union in the 1950s. In order to meet the aerospace of heat, light, high strength material,they developed it. t will be the use of high polymer material temperature increased by more than 100 ℃, is regarded as a polymer science in the middle of the twentieth century was a landmark achievement.

Nowadays polyimide is one of the heat resistance of the highest commercial polymer. It can keep the main short-term physical performance at 550 ℃, to thousands of hours (continuous) for a long time in close to 330 ℃.In high temperature resistant special engineering plastic, it is one of the most valuable species. It is called “Problem solver", no polyimide, no today's high level of integration of microelectronics industry. Trains in our country manufacturing industry experts believe that "no polyimide, no Chinese train six speed". Photoelectric material researchers believe "polyimide is one of the three key materials of photoelectric device".

Sunlight pharm’s diamine is the largest, most varieties, and the maximum amount of sales of the company in domestic market. Our products are very popular in domestic.

The development of the domestic and foreign well-known production binary anhydride, diamine and single anhydride, monoamine all end capping agent polyimide monomers. We master the impurity ions KNOW - HOW remove technology, single impurity ion content are below 1 PPM, reached the level of microelectronic chemicals required electronic level monomer.

From 2006,we have applied nearly 20 Chinese invention patents of polyimide monomer preparation technology, among them 15 patents has been authorized.

Production-study-research cooperation
We have cooperated with Sichuan University, professor You Jinsong research team is mainly relying on sichuan University institute of chemical laboratory of green chemistry and technology, ministry of education and sichuan University, national key discipline of organic chemistry to carry out the research work.. His team has a well equipped laboratory with the complete conventional instruments and equipment and perfect operating system without water and oxygen, equipped with the glove box, HPLC、GC、GC-MS、UV etc. separation and analysis instrument. Sichuan University analysis & test center and the center laboratory of the college of chemistry, they have in situ FT-IR,HNMR, ms and X - ray diffraction etc. The synthesis and characterization of these hardware facilities for compounds provides the necessary conditions, guarantee the smooth progress of the research work.

Professor You’s R&D team mainly committed to the development of a new organic synthesis reaction, the new method, the new strategy, the development of areas of chemical selectivity and high selectivity, environment friendly and atomic economy of synthesis methods of aromatic ring compounds, promote the development of green organic synthesis chemistry. This team is a "high new selective organic synthesis reaction and the new strategy" by the national natural science foundation of innovation is an important part of the group and the ministry of education innovation team, has a young, diligent efforts, solid professional knowledge, academic thinking active, continuous innovation, realistic scientific attitude, the work style of unity and cooperation, research level is high, the work ability, etc. There are 4 professors, 2 people over 40 years old, 4 people 35-40 years old , 3 people 25-35 years old, 1 person to be included in the new century excellent talents to support the ministry of education plans, 1 person obtains the national outstanding youth science fund. They have the research background of organic chemistry, material chemistry and supramolecular chemistry, chemical biology, construct a good platform of scientific research. At present, there are total 40 graduates for Ph.D. and postgraduates. It’s a creative, high level and comprehensive strength of the team.

Overall aims
Taking market demand as the guidance, powered by scientific research and development, for the purpose of regional economic development, production, high technology development road, gradually formed the scientific research, pilot, production, management and technical services of a virtuous cycle.

Tracking high-performance polyimide materials industry and related applications in the field of cutting-edge technology, through independent development and integration of the latest research results of colleges and universities and research institutes, new technology, new technology and the engineering research and development of new products, to build a domestic leading and reached the international advanced level of polyimide monomer engineering technology research center, develop a collection of scientific research, production and application technology of compound talent team, promoting the development of polyimide materials industry in China,especially in jiangsu province.

Part of our developed monomers has filled the domestic blank. With independent intellectual property rights by steps in different stages of 3 ~ 5 Chinese invention patents. Form the "center" as the core, set science, industry and trade as one of the modern enterprise group, be in jiangsu province and even the national development of polyimide monomer, pilot and production base, make the "center" research and development of high-performance polyimide monomer material not only can gradually replace imports, to fill the domestic blank, promote the rapid development of the domestic field of polyimide materials, but also a large number of exports, accelerate industrial upgrading of local economy.

R & D direction
With the development of science and technology, especially in recent years, the rapid development of IT, microelectronics field on the material presented higher update requirements. Polyimide, new varieties, new technology, new craft constantly develop to meet the new requirement. Polyimide main trends are as follows:


(1)Soluble polyimide
a.Bring fluorine atoms in the polyimide structure, synthesis of fluorinated polyimide.
b.Bring Large groups (Steric hindrance of lateral groupor substituent).
c.Bring polar groups such as hydroxyl, carboxyl, etc.
d.Use cycloaliphaticmonomer, synthesis of semi aromatic or whole cycloaliphaticpolyimide


(2)Low dielectric constant polyimide
a.Fluorinated polyimide
c.Porous polyimide


(3)Easy processing, high toughness and high heat resistant polyimide matrix resin
a.Use asymmetric binary anhydride or diamine monomer
b.Use Triple bond type of alkynyl end capping agent or benzene alkynyl end capping agent