El aseguramiento de la calidad



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El aseguramiento de la calidad

 Calidad es nuestra vida 


Política de calidad

Quality Guideline



Strictly Management

Good Quality

Quality Target

(1) Remember that quality is the foundation of Sunlight to be survival, and is the ground of customers to choose Sunlight;

(2) We precisely transmit the customer requirements and expectations to the entire value chain of Sunlight, so as to jointly estalish the Quality;

(3) We abide by the rules and procedure, to fulfil all things at the first time; We maximize the potential of all the staff, to ralize continuous improvement;

(4) We balance the opportunities and risks together with customers, and make quick response to customers demands, to realize sustainable development;
(5) Sunlight committed ourselves to provide high quality products and service to customers, and dedicated to create value for all the customers.