Sunlight Pharm & Spanish Uriach joint-venture foundation

Sunlight Pharm & Spanish Uriach joint-venture foundation

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To speed up the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure, promote sustained and stable development of the economy. 8th November,Changzhou Sunlight Pharm & Spanish Uriach joint-venture lay out the ceremony foundation in Benniu Town. Zhang Mei and Zhou Yanan from Wujin district government Present at the ceremony.
To speed up the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure, promote sustained and stable development of the economy. 8th November,Changzhou Sunlight Pharm & Spanish Uriach joint-venture lay out the ceremony foundation in Benniu Town. Zhang Mei and Zhou Yanan from Wujin district government Present at the ceremony.

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After 20 years of development, sunlight pharm has accumulated rich experience in the pharmaceutical industry ,established long-term relations of cooperation with a number of global top 500 enterprises,such as American Pfizer Pharmaceutical and Dupont, German Basf, Switzerland Novartis, UK GSK pharmaceutical, France's Sanofi Aventis, Sweden Sword Rick, Japan JSR and mitsubishi, Korea Samsung etc. And with business in 39 countries. Group Uriach is the third largest group of Spain pharmaceutical,with 170 years history. The joint venture project will introduce the international most advanced pharmaceutical technology and process, produce and sale series of new drugs which are still blank in domestic market. Total investment RMB 450000000,there will be API workshop,preparation workshop,finish product warehouse, quality inspection center,R&D center the first phase,forms a set of APIs, a variety of production, research and development, technical services for an integrated production of new drugs research and development base. And there will be anti-tumor drug, lyophilized Powder Injection and other high-end varieties and new dosage forms in the second phase.After the project is completed and put into operation,output value will be up to RMB 2 billion, the annual tax is RMB 560 million.
In recent years,Benniu Town is increasing investment in innovation, speeding up the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure, with steady economic development,and social progress, the joint venture of formal foundation will provide the running of the bulls make new greater contributions to the economic development.



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